Round Robin 24H, 12H, 6H

October 2 & 3, 2020

Robin Hills Farms

20390 M-52, Chelsea, MI 48118

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Just over a week until we go round and round together! You can find all of your race details below! Please read this! It will help TREMENDOUSLY on race weekend if you know what the heck is goin' on! Due to our safety restrictions there will be limited volunteers available to assist you race weekend... So what we are saying is PLEASE READ THIS!


Friday, October 2, 2020 at Robin Hills Farms - 5PM-9PM. You may pick up your 6H and 12H packet if you would like and stick around Robin Hills Farms for a drink and a little DISTANCED spectating! Gate will close at 9:30PM for those not participating in the 24H.

24H RUNNERS - The gates to Robin Hills Farms will open at 4:00PM on Friday. This will give us time to get you your parking and rest spot before your 6:30PM start! (More details on rest spots below)

Saturday, October 3, 2020 at Robin Hills Farms - 6AM-8AM (GATE WILL OPEN AT 5:30AM) It may sound like time is tight, but remember the very small amount of participants. Things will go quickly!

Packet Pick-up will be CONTACTLESS. All swag bags will be placed out with your bib number visible, you will walk up (with a mask on, thank you) and find your bag. Bib numbers will be available online next week, and will also be texted to you. You must know your bib number prior to arrival, to eliminate gathering and contact points there will be no posted list. Your bag will have your shirt, bib number, pins, BEER TICKET, and any other swag you added on in it. (See the diagram below for the race layout)


Due to the small size of the waves, we will be doing a single start time for each time, we ask that you give ~10 feet between you and your fellow runners.

24H - 6:30PM on Friday, October 2nd (DON'T FORGET YOUR HEADLAMP!!!)

12H - 6:30AM on Saturday, October 3rd

6H - 8:00AM on Saturday, October 3rd


Each runner will have the opportunity to claim for themselves a patch of grass and parking spot for all of your race needs. We will have volunteers to assist you in finding a spot! All participants must be packed up and out of Robin Hills Farms by 9PM on Saturday! No overnight stays allowed on Saturday.

24H REST AREAS - 24 hour runners will be parked just a few steps off course. Near your car there is also a large field (also on course) that you can set up a small tent or rest area! You will hit this spot ~.1 miles BEFORE the aid station and start of your next loop. You can also choose any patch of grass anywhere along the course, this would just be the closest spot to course and aid! (See diagram below)

12H REST AREA - We will do our best to park you on course or very close to course. You are welcome to set up your rest area or tent anywhere on the property that you would like, or work out of your car. Your car will be ~.1-.25 miles before the aid station and start of your next loop. (See diagram below)

6H REST AREA - You will be parked in the main farm lot, just a short ways off course. You are also welcome to set up a rest area with all of your items anywhere on course. (See diagram below)


There will be one aid station on course. 1 or 2 volunteers will be stationed at the aid station, behind plastic, wearing gloves and a mask. You will need to request your items when you hit the aid station - please maintain social distance where possible. Items available will be: 

  • Water (either a small cup, or we can re-fill your hydration pack)
  • Gatorade (either a small cup, or we can re-fill your hydration pack)
  • GU energy gel
  • pretzels (snack bag size)
  • potato chips (snack bag size)
  • banana
  • M&M's (mini bag)
  • Swedish Fish (mini bag)
  • Chocolate chip cookies (snack size bag) 
  • Uncrustable peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
  • pickles (2oz cup with slices)
  • 24H - There will be hot snack selections and hot breakfast selections offered to you once the sun goes down and in the wee morning hours, you may let us know one loop before you want them and we can get these cooked for you.

you are also encouraged to bring additional nutrition items that meet your personal preferences! Your rest area is your personal aid station! Bring your chair and cooler and all your favorite things!


The gate at Robin Hills Farms will CLOSE at 9:30PM on Friday night, and will not re-open until 5:30AM. Nobody who is not already inside will be able to come IN to Robin Hills Farms (with the exception of emergencies) during this time. If you are a 24H runner who drops out in the night and wants to go home, you will need to stop by the aid station and an escort will take you to the gate and let you out between the hours of 9:30PM and 5:30AM.

FOOD AND DRINK (other, not aid)

NO OUTSIDE ALCOHOL is allowed at Robin Hills Farms. OUTSIDE FOOD IS WELCOME. Pack all your favorite snacks and pre-packed meals! Beer/wine/mixed drinks are available for purchase from 4PM-9PM on Friday, and NOON-9PM on Saturday at the Robin Hills Farms bar. ALCOHOL CAN GO ANYWHERE ON THE PROPERTY. Hit the bar early on Friday to purchase your alcohol for the weekend!

Friends/Family/Spectators - We are attempting to keep the event as SAFE and DISTANCED as possible. That said, Robin Hills Farms is open on Saturday. If somebody would like to see you finish or come grab a drink and spectate (from a distance) they can purchase drinks from Robin Hills Farms from NOON-9PM on Saturday and enjoy the farm!


The race restroom will be about .1 miles BEFORE you hit the aid station and your next loop (near most of the rest areas! see diagram!)


The 2 mile looped course is mostly trail with some dirt path and a very small bit of sidewalk. Each loop you will pass your rest area, a restroom, and the aid station. The total elevation gain on this loop is ~75'. Course will be marked with flags and arrow signs. 


Before you leave be sure to visit the "Check out" tent to pick up your MUG and any distance medals that you have earned!


Masks are required any time you are not actively participating in the event, and when you are unable to maintain social distancing. Masks required indoors at ALL TIMES - restroom and bar area! All participants will be required to fill out and turn in a HEALTH WAIVER prior to starting the event. Any participant who does not fill out and turn in a health waiver will not be permitted to start the event. PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE SAFETY PLAN HERE.


Please note - there will be no First Aid tent ON SITE. The Chelsea fire department are on standby. If you have an emergency please call 911, let them know you are at Robin Hills Farms participating in the event and you, or a participant need assistance. If you have minor first aid needs there will be first aid kits available at the aid station. You may want to pack blister care/general first aid for your rest area! Thank you for your understanding.


We can't wait to see you next week! If you have friends or family who may want to help out, we do have limited volunteer opportunities available here! We'll send out more information, any F.A.Q. answers and any other important information next week!

Again, we can’t thank you enough for supporting us and we look forward to cheering you on to your personal goals!

THE EVENT IS SOLD OUT! Thank you for all of your enthusiasm for this first year event! We'll see you at another event soon!

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