2021 Farmhouse Volunteers

We are very excited to be hosting a summer race at Almar Orchards!

Thank you in advance for joining us!! 

Race Day - Sunday June 6, 2021

Almar Orchards - Flushing, MI

Cheers to helping out!

Volunteers will receive some sort of race swag, a hard cider pour and a donut! 

Sunday Start Area Host: Make sure folks find their swag from the line and direct them where to start. 

Sunday Finish Line & Clean Up Crew: Hand out awards, water and maintain order around the finish line area. And then pack up the whole thing and ship it out!

Sunday Course Volunteer: We will assign you a spot along the course to cheer the runners on and to keep them moving in the right, or left, direction! Yuk. Yuk. Yuk. Costume not required, but why wouldn't you???

Sunday Party and Put-Away: Help out at the socially-distanced after party! Assisting with donut distribution, letting folks know where to go and holding down the hard cider line! Then help put it all away! The race that is...not the leftover cider!!

Sunday Parking Volunteer: Help get all of the cars in and out of the field!

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