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HOOT! HOOT! It's time for a HOOTENANNY!


October 21, 2023

Gregory, MI

12H - 7AM

5K - 8AM

8H + 4H - 9AM


Join us for a weekend party with a timed race mixed in! We're ready to HOOT and HOLLER all day long. Timed races will follow a 2 mile dirt road and trail loop, last man standing will be on a 1 mile loop.

TIMED RUNS - Complete as many loops as possible before time is up! Only laps completed within time limit will be counted. Male and female with most loops completed within each time limit will receive an overall award.

LAST ONE STANDING - This is a last person standing, winner takes all, event. Runners will make there way around a 1 mile flat-ish dirt/gravel road loop. You will start with 30 minutes on the clock and in this time you must complete 1 loop. Each consecutive loop the allowed time will reduce by 1 minute, so you'll have 29 minutes to complete the next loop and so on. If you aren’t able to finish a loop within the allocated time you will be eliminated from the race. Outlast the other runners, complete the most loops, and win!

5K RUN - $35 - A good old fashioned, down home 5K fun run! All 5K registrants will receive a participant t-shirt. All 5K finishers will receive a Hootenanny finisher's medal.

Expect a bonfire burning all weekend followed by an all day HOOTENANNY! We'll have live music, food trucks, and plenty of HOOTIN' AND HOLLERIN' to do for our runners. We'll have campin' available and hot showers on site. Camping details below.

Event is currently limited to 300 total participants. 

No pacers. If you have friends and family who will want to hop in for a few loops they must register for an event. Thank you for your understanding with our smaller limit! Make it a fun day(s) with your favorite run group! Support and run with each other. 

Online Registration has closed. Please join us on site to register

Saturday October 21st at Start Area: 6AM - until 15 minutes before the start of each race.