Sorry, Online Registration is Closed

We come to you with the heaviest, dirtiest hearts with no dance left in them. The 2024 Dances With Dirt Devil's Lake event has been called to cancel.

We have been directed by the National Park Services and Devil's Lake State Park that the current conditions of the parking area and the entire trail course have been deemed unsuitable for the event due to standing water and saturated soil conditions. They are no longer in a position to approve the use of the course for this year. We explored the options of moving the event or changing the course and have presented all of these options to the park but the decision is firm.

We can't believe this is happening and we know what an exciting weekend this is for so many - with so many of us coming from all over the country for this destination event. Hotels and campsites booked, reservations made and race day dreams dreamt. 

Your frustration is shared with the entire Dirt Crew who spend the year anticipating making your dirty dreams come true and if we had any other options up our sleeves we would be pulling them out for you.