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Back for 2024 - We're giving you the option to have a team of UP TO 10 members. Additional team members cost $40 per person.  ($40 gets you a day of fully marked trails, finisher's medal, finisher's food and beer, live music on the course at two locations and more!) Teams with more than 5 participants are only eligible for theme awards, and the stampede leg prize money. Add team members below if you want to have a BIG team that is just out there FOR FUN!

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Release of Liability

(DWD) refers to Dances With Dirt - Hell, MI. I want to participate in the (DWD). I realize that my participation in this event entails the risk of injury or even death. I further understand that it would be prohibitively expensive for the race organizers to carry insurance to cover all that might happen in this event, and that if I insisted that all the risks to me be covered, the race would have to be cancelled. I want the race to go on, and therefore sign this waiver to induce the organizers to stage the (DWD).

Race conditions: I realize that the course for the (DWD) presents a number of potential dangers to me and I hereby assume the risk arising from all of them. I realize that I will be running on a variety of surfaces, some of them far less than perfect, including but not limited to roads, unimproved trails and river crossings. The roads are open to motor vehicle traffic that has the right of way. I realize that the danger of injury and even death exists as well and I hereby assume all the risks that may be present on the (DWD) course.

My physical condition: I realize the (DWD) is a strenuous athletic event. I certify that I have no physical or medical condition which would interfere with my participation in the (DWD) and that I have trained adequately for this race.

My duty during the race: I realize that I have the sole and ultimate responsibility for my own safety during the (DWD) and that if I see a situation/condition which presents risk of injury to me, I will avoid the situation/condition or immediately withdraw from the race.

Waiver of liability: I hereby waive for myself, my heirs, executors, and all other successors of interest any and all rights and claims which I may now have or hereafter accrue against the organizers and sponsors of this event, against all other entities and people who may issue permits for or help with this event, and against all property owners of land which the (DWD) course may pass. I make this waiver for all the rights and claims that have been specifically referred above, and for all others which might not be specifically named.

Binding Contract: I agree and intend that the above recitations are contractually binding and if I or my successors assert a claim in contravention of this agreement, I or my successors shall be liable for the expenses ( including all legal fees) incurred by the other party in defending. I further agree that this contract can be modified only in writing.

Under 18: As a parent or guardian of the above named minor, I hereby certify that I have read all the above document, that I give my permission for my child or ward to participate in the (DWD) and that I agree on behalf of myself and my child/ward to the terms of this document.

Refund and Transfer Policy

Through July 22nd entry fee may be deferred to 2025, but no refund will be given.

After July 22nd there will be no refunds or deferrals.

Completing your registration

I know that I am responsible for setting up an account on either the confirmation page, or from my confirmation e-mail to be able to log in and edit my team information. If I use the same billing e-mail for 2024 as I used in 2023, I will see both my 2024 and 2023 team information in my account.


The e-mail you enter below in the billing information is the e-mail that will be tied to your team's relay account!

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