PHEW! Now that all of the nitty gritty stuff is out of the way let's talk about the FUN stuff!! 

RF Events organizes over 20 events a year ranging from simple 5K road races to weekend long running festivals! We are driven by our customers and their goals to cross the finish line and have a FUN time getting there. Most of us enjoy getting out the door and going for a run ourselves! Not a job requirement, but you can guarantee we will be trying to convince you to join shortly after being hired on! 

All the glitz and glamour that folks see on race day is built with by a lot of hard work, organization and teamwork back at HQ before the event. A lot of thought and hours goes into prepping for race day! Sometimes there doesn't seem like there are enough hours to get it all done but magic happens, we close the door to the truck and go to put on the show! Sometimes we joke about how you will be running off to join the circus if you take this job! It's not that far from the truth! 

This is no 9 to 5'er! We enjoy the plethora of alarm clock times we get to set during the year! It keeps us young and on our toes! You will soon learn that yes indeed there are TWO 4 O'clocks in one day.  An AM and a PM! HA! Just when you get use to getting up early on weekends summer arrives and we throw in evenings too!  Why waste daylight when you can be putting on an event. 

Don't worry about missing your family too much because you will soon be adopted by your work family! We have a longtime team here that plays, runs and parties together! Many events are concluded with a trip to a local watering hole to celebrate all of the hard work and time put into an event. 

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If this sounds like an exciting adventure then we would love to hear more about you! 

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    Bonus Homework!

    We have a new event coming up this spring called the Liger Long Run! We are super excited but the shirt art is due next week. AH! Please help us by sending in your logo/shirt design for this new race! 

    *This is a completely made up race and we will likely never be putting on the Liger Long Run but we would love to see your art anyways! 

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